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Paul Dickson has been an independent writer for almost 50 years during which time he has produced more than 60 non-fiction books and numerous newspaper and magazine articles on a variety of subjects.

His books fall into two categories: serious narrative non-fiction, including history and biography, and reference and whimsical books. Some of the books in the first category include Think Tanks, The Electronic Battlefield, Sputnik--The Shock of the Century, and The Bonus Army--An American Epic (co-authored with Thomas B. Allen.)

The second category of books has helped provide the sustained income to support the first category. For example, his collection of toasts and graces has sold over 400,000 books in hardback since it was first published in 1981 and is still selling well. The Dickson Baseball Dictionary was picked by the Wall Street Journal as one of the "5 Best" books on the sport in 2012.

Recently, Dickson has spent the majority of his time working on two biographies. The first of these: Bill Veeck--Baseball's Greatest Maverick, published in 2012, received five awards including: the Jerome Holtzman Award from the Chicago Baseball Museum, the Reader’s Choice Award for the best baseball book of 2012 from the Special Libraries Association and the Casey Award from Spitball magazine, also for the best baseball book of 2012.

Leo Durocher--Baseball's Prodigal Son his second biography, was published in March 2017 and has been well-received. A few examples:

"Strenuously researched and studded with footnotes, Paul Dickson’s Leo Durocher: Baseball's Prodigal Son is an unflinching portrait of a brilliant bastard. Mr. Dickson gives the devil his due and leaves no doubt why so many people could respect Durocher’s baseball genius and still hate his guts." - The Wall Street Journal

"Paul Dickson, whose resume includes a biography of baseball maverick Bill Veeck, pens an absorbing account of Durocher, a pugnacious provocateur who went through four wives (including actress Laraine Day), shot pool, hobnobbed with gangsters, gamblers and entertainers and was a master of wearing out welcomes while continuing to receive invitations from clubs that needed a firebrand." - The Boston Globe

"Paul Dickson, baseball historian and biographer (Bill Veeck: Baseball's Greatest Maverick) packs Durocher's story with enough great stories and colorful anecdotes to fill 10 normal books." - Dallas Morning News

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Dickson is represented by Deborah C. Grosvenor of the Grosvenor Literary Agency in Bethesda, MD She can be reached by email at: Dickson can be reached at