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Dicksoniana—Dicksonian Trivia:


Dickson holds a long established record in the Guimess Book of World Records for the largest collection of synonyms ever assembled.

The Dickson / Zelig File: People who Dickson has met socially or professionally  include J. Edgar Hoover, Jack Kerouac, Tug McGraw, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Vonnegot, John Cage and Tip O'Neill, among others.

Took his first computer course in 1959 and his first job out of college was in the field of data processing.

Dickson long ago memorized the last line on the standard Snellen eye chart (PEZOLCFTD) and as a child learned to say the name of a brook in Sherman, Connecticut (Naromiyocknowhusunkatankshunk)


Dickson believes he may have set a record for authoring or co-authoring  books with one word titles: Words, Names, Jokes, Toasts, Slang, Journalese, and Drunk.


Dickson's e-mail address (formerly dates back many years to when he was working as a consultant at Merriam-Webster and was part of a group working on creating a dictionary for a fledgling outfit known as American Online.



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