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All My Books (1972 through 2020.)

Think Tanks--1971

The Great American Ice Cream Book--1972

The Future of the Workplace--1975

The Electronic Battlefield--1976

The Mature Person's Guide to Kites, Yo-Yos, Frisbees and Other Childlike Diversions--1977

Out of This World: American Space Photography--1977

The Future File: A Guide for People with One Foot in the 21st Century--1977

The Official Rules--1978

Chow: A Cook's Tour of Military Food--1978

The Official Explanations--1980



There are Alligators in the Sewers & Other American Credos (With Joseph C. Goulden)--1983


On Our Own: A Declaration of Independence for the Self-Employed--1985


The Library in America--1986

Family words: The Dictionary for People who Don't know a *Frone from a *Brinkle--1988

The Dickson Baseball Dictionary--1989

The New Official Rules--1989

What Do You Call a Person From ....? A Dictionary of Resident Names--1990

Slang! The Topic-by-Topic Dictionary of Contemporary American Lingoes--1990 (updated and expanded--1998 and 2006)

Timelines: Day by Day and Trend by Trend from the Dawn of the Atomic Age to the Gulf War--1990

Baseball's Greatest Quotations--1991 ( updated and expanded in 2007)

Dickson's Word Treasury--1992

Dickson's Joke Treasury--1992

On This Spot: Pinpointing the Past in Washington, D.C. (With Douglas E. Evelyn)--1992 (Revised and Updated--1999 and revised again 2008)

Baseball: The President's Game (With William B. Mead)--1993

Myth-Informed (With Joseph C. Goulden)--1993

The Congress Dictionary: The Ways and Meanings of Capitol Hill (With Paul Clancy)--1993

War Slang: American Fighting Words and Phrases from the Civil War to the Gulf War--1994

The Worth Book of Softball--1994

The Book of Thanksgiving--1995

The Volvo Guide to Halls of Fame (With Robert Skole)--1995

The Joy of Keeping Score--1996

The Official Rules at Home--1996

The Official Rules at Work--1996

What's in a Name?--1996

The Official Rules for Lawyers, Politicians
and Everybody They Torment--1996

The Official Rules for Golfers--1997

Labels for Locals--1997

The New Dickson Baseball Dictionary--1999

From Elvis to E-Mail: Trends, Events, and Trivia from the Postwar Era to the End of the Century--1999

Firestone: A legend. A Century. A Celebration (With William D. Hickman)--2000

The Official Rules of Life--2000

Sputnik: The Shock of the Century--2001

The Hidden Language of Baseball--2003

War Slang (2nd edition, Updated to the present)--2003

The Bonus Army: An American Epic (With Thomas B Allen)--2005

Label For Locals: What to Call People From Abilene to Zimbabwe--2007

Slang: The Topical Dictionary of Americanisms--2007

The Joy Of Keeping Score--2007

Family Words: A Dictionary of the Secret Language of Families--2007

The Dictionary Baseball Dictionary, Third Edition-- 2009

The Unwritten Rules of Baseball--2009

A Dictionary of the Space Age--2009

Drunk: The Definitive Drinkers Dictionary--2009


Baseball Is … Defining the National Pastime—2011

Bill Veeck: Baseball’s Greatest Maverick—2012

Courage in the Moment: The Civil Rights Struggle, 1961-1964 (The Photographs of Jim Wallace)—2012

Golf is … Defining the Great Game—2012

Journalese: A Dictionary for Deciphering the News (with Robert Skole)—2012

Words from the White House: Words and Phrases Created by Presidents of the United States—2013

The Official Rules: 5,427 Laws, Principles, and Axioms to Help You Cope with Crises, Deadlines, Bad Luck, Rude Behavior, Red Tape, and Attacks by Inanimate Objects—November, 2013

Authorisms—Words Wrought by Writers -- April 2014

Contraband Cocktails--How America Drank When it Wasn't Supposed to.--March 2o15.

Leo Durocher: Baseball's Prodigal Son --March, 2017.


The Hidden Language of Baseball (Expanded and Revised Edition)--September, 2019


The Rise of the G.I. Army: 1940-1941--July 2020.